Custom Floor Tile Murals

What are custom floor tiles?

Custom floor tile is a repeating image pattern fired into the glaze of a porcelain floor tile. This patterned tile can be made too look very unique. Such tile is commonly installed in both commercial venues and private residences. Tile sizes can be 12”, 8”, or 6”, or any combination thereof. Any repeating pattern may be used. Tile Artisans has several patterns available, but, we also work with customer-supplied patterns, shown here.

How does a custom tile mural project proceed?

The first step is to define the size of the project and the size of the tiles that will be used to create the finished tile or mural. With this information and an idea of what the artwork will look like, Tile Artisans provides a proposal and price quote. The next step is proofing, where Tile Artisans receives the best artwork available from the client and provides a digital proof of the finished piece. This allows the customer to decide if the grout lines are in the appropriate places. We also provide kiln fired proof tiles upon request. Once the digital proof is approved for production, the project moves to the manufacturing stage. At that point, the images are transferred to tile, fired in kilns, labeled for easy installation, and packaged securely for shipment.

What is the difference between custom floor tile and a custom tile mural?

A custom tile mural is made up of a single image enlarged to fit across many tiles. In contrast, custom floor tiles have the same image on each tile or are made up of several sets of images. The decoration and kiln firing processes are the same. The only difference is in the imagery fired into the tile glaze.

What is the the value of custom floor tile?

Primarily, customization and durability. No other flooring material can be customized with images to the same degree as our custom floor tiles. The images would be impossible to reproduce on other surfaces. As with any porcelain tile, the surface will far outlast any other flooring material. The images in the tile glaze do not degrade with time or exposure to UV radiation. They are scratch proof. Surface textures available are gloss, satin, matte, and skid resistant. Once installed, custom floor tiles offer a low maintenance solution for any floor decoration.

Where are custom floor tiles and floor tile murals used?

Indoors and outdoors, in all climates. They are appropriate for residential bathrooms, commercial dining areas, outdoor parks

Tile Artisans has a commitment to providing the highest quality custom floor tiles at reasonable prices. We use only the finest porcelain tiles and a kiln-firing process. Our products are guaranteed for life; they are permanent, non-fading, durable, and long lasting.